Religion briefs

UCC to hold Ingathering service Sunday

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Northern Chautauqua is pleased to announce their service for Sunday Sept. 12. Members will worship live on the Zoom platform at 11 a.m., using a streamlined format similar to the in-person worship. We encourage you to arrive as early as 10:45 a.m. in order to reflect quietly and to enjoy our pre-worship music video.

This Sunday’s service: “Shall we gather… At the river? At Church? From our homes?” is with consulting minister Rev. Sally Hamlin and worship associate Cheryl Ritch. This Ingathering Service may look or feel different this year as we face a new challenge set upon us — the variant called Delta. We will be reminded that water is the essence of all that live and thrive and survive on this blue marble we call home.

Since we cannot meet in person, we will be sharing a few rituals virtually to begin our church year together. You may want to have a chalice or candle and matches nearby, a vessel of water, and a rock, stone or pebble for our shared blessing. A marker or permanent pen if available would also be handy.

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Northern Chautauqua is a liberal religious community devoted to promoting individual spiritual development, working toward peace, liberty and justice in our immediate and global communities, and providing companionship on life’s sacred journey. For now, our worship services are held each Sunday at 11 a.m. via the Zoom platform. The link to the service can be found by visiting our online calendar at https://tinyurl.com/caluucnc. Visit our page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/uucnc, our website at www.uucnc.org or call 716-679-7944 for more information.

Blessing of the Grapes set for Tuesday

SILVER CREEK — On Tuesday Sept. 14, at 8:30 a.m. the fourth annual “Blessing of the Grapes” mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Silver Creek will take place. This is normally the first event of Silver Creek’s Festival of Grapes.

Growers can bring baskets of their grapes, or samples of juices, wine musts or wine, prior to mass, so that they can be blessed by Father Dan Fiebelkorn. He will lead a prayer of gratitude for the harvest and for the safety of the growers and all workers during harvest.

This mass is in memory of fellow members of our grape growing community who have passed away in the last year. They include: Patrick Minehan, Rose M. Falcone, David Privitera, Miguel Fred Morales, Mark Rivard, David Bull, and Richard Slawson.

Tri-Church Parish presents The Chosen

BROCTON — Beginning Sept. 19, Tri-Church Parish will be offering a study on the series, THE CHOSEN. We gather on Sunday evenings at 5:30 p.m. for a potluck dinner. We anticipate meeting at least 8 weeks. We will watch the video after supper and then a time for discussion and questions and comments.

Please call Tri-Church Parish at (716) 792-4533 for more information and/or to sign up. We hope to see you there.

‘The Chosen” from: https://watch.angelstudios.com/thechosen

Come and see what they saw. Welcome to the first-ever multi-season series about the life of Christ. The free show tens of millions of people won’t stop talking about. A charismatic fisherman drowning in debt. A troubled woman wrestling with real demons. A gifted publican ostracized by his family and his people. A religious leader struggling with his beliefs. See Jesus through the eyes of those that met him.


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