WCA Home, The Chautauqua Center offer in-house doctor to assisted living residents

The Chautauqua Center and WCA Home have entered into a contract to make it possible for the assisted living home residents in the Fredonia facility to see their doctor in the home, without leaving the Temple Street premises. Dr. Leslie McNaughtan is the WCA Home’s in-house physician, making personal visits to her patients in the home every two weeks.

TCC had been administering weekly COVID-19 -testing for the staff at The WCA Home since last year when Tammy McCool, administrator of the WCA Home, proposed the idea of an in-house doctor coming to the Home from TCC. Both TCC and the WCA Home are non-profit corporations whose cash gifts are tax-deductible to donors. TCC receives most of its funding through the US Department of Health and Human Services as part of a mission to provide quality healthcare to underserved communities through the Health Resources and Services Administration and its Federally Qualified Health Center program.

Billing between patient, insurers, and Dr. McNaughtan is done on a sliding scale basis according to the patient’s income, as is standard practice at TCC.

Dr. McNaughtan coordinates her medical supervision with Ruth Dougan, RN, director of nursing at the WCA Home. “More of our residents are switching to the in-house services for their doctor because they really love her,” Dougan said.

Because the WCA Home is limited to a social model of assisted living, rather than medical model, all residents retain the services of physicians from the community.

Dr. McNaughtan is a board-certified family medicine physician with 20 years of healthcare experience. She has a medical degree from the University of Utah, a nursing degree from the University of Utah, and a physical education and exercise science degree from Utah State University. She is one of eight medical providers at The Chautauqua Center’s Dunkirk location.


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