More Dem stone throwing from glass houses


The July 5-6 edition of the OBSERVER included an opinion piece continuing the tired mantra that Donald Trump is a “Liar” and a “Threat to Democracy.” The 2024 election will be a binary choice as long as Democrats can keep RFK Jr. off the ballot (in their quest to promote democracy), ...



Thirty years ago — 1994 The Northern Chautauqua Catholic School Board of Education announced that Michael E. Goth of Silver Creek has been named principal. Mr. Goth recently retired as principal of Silver Creek Elementary School after 15 years of service. Prior to coming to Silver Creek in ...

Small-town events get big lift from volunteers

Editor's corner

Rural America scored another victory of sorts last week. Surrounded by state representatives, community leaders hailed the opening of the Forestville Farmers’ Market that will last through October. Besides having the participation of vendors, it sent an important statement to residents of ...

Let us not forget we are Americans


In the moments following the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump Saturday, there was horror and confusion. Trump emerged defiant from the pile of Secret Service members who rushed to protect him, but as the nation breathed a sigh of relief we learned the attack had, indeed, ...

Sharing locker room is a ‘betrayal’


CHAUTAUQUA—Meet Riley Gaines. Now 24 years old and newly married, she has put her dental-school admission on hold to spread the word about her and others’ college-swim-team experience. She began swimming at age 4 and soon took it up competitively, as many children do. In the ensuing ...



Thirty years ago — 1994 Two Westfield brothers, Andrew and Michael Cash, followed a career choice made as teenagers and within a year of each other, graduated from medical school. Both brothers graduated from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Mo. Dr. Andrew Cash has ...