Enablers are often those close to the home


Chemically dependent people always have families – wives, husbands, mother, father, son, daughter – and addiction to alcohol and other drugs touches all their lives. They have to live the pain and suffering of seeing their loved one destroyed by the addiction, and the disruption of family ...

HOLIDAYS: Shopping local is an investment


Americans love conveniences, especially when it comes to shopping. But this weekend brings a timely reminder for our hometown: do not forget about supporting your many local merchants. Today is Small Business Saturday and when you buy local, you are helping a neighbor and the area’s ...

Pennsylvania has income advantage

Peoples column

Editor, OBSERVER: John D’Agostino notes that Warren County, Pa., “has a minimum wage that is 42% less than New York state, has higher median household income at $50,250 and its poverty rate is 13.5%, which is 3% less than here at home” in his Editor’s corner on Nov. 19. Home is ...

‘Renegade’ council puts itself first again


I have some major issues as outlined by the treasurer and fiscal affairs officer on the council changes to the 2022 budget. This current council majority has decided against taking the advice of the paid experts from the city. The decision to pull out the garbage and refuse from the general ...

HEATING No slowing higher costs at home


With the exception of those hardy families who stubbornly hold out as long as possible before turning on the heat for the season, many of us have probably flipped the switch by now. Nights in the lower 40s will do that. If recent reports are accurate, keeping that heat on is going to be more ...