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Those on front lines are heroes


I would like to thank all of the health care workers and first responders for the vital work they are doing right now, despite the risk to their personal well being.

They are the true heroes in this crisis and deserve our full support.

Let’s all do our part and stay home unless it is absolutely necessary to be out and about.

Stay well!



Crisis brings out worst in Trump


What a stark contrast between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and President Donald Trump! Cuomo is relaxed, proactive, sympathetic, transparent and truthful. Just the opposite of our commander in chief.

Cuomo exemplifies what leadership is all about. He listens to the experts, asks for cooperation, tells us he feels our pain, and will do everything to alleviate it.

Trump promotes his own agenda, contradicts his health experts, and attacks reporters who ask basic questions about reassuring the American public.

This crisis reveals the character of our chief executive — petty, self-serving, unable to adapt, and determined to show that he’s the expert, not the dedicated and unselfish professionals on the front lines of this crisis.

My hope is that Trump’s failure in dealing with this disaster will cost him his re-election in November.


formerly of Gowanda,



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