Manchin’s way to pay for Build Back Better


By GERALD E. SCORSE Amazing but true: One of the best ideas to pay for Build Back Better came from Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV). Yes, Manchin is a big reason that president Biden’s landmark bill is taking forever to get through Congress. Yes, Manchin personally vetoed a tax on billionaires ...

Working alongside Santa


When I was a young flight attendant for American Airlines, I actually enjoyed working Christmas Day. Passenger loads were always light, and it was fun having time to really talk to people. In most service industries, employees with seniority don’t usually have to work Christmas Eve or ...



Thirty years ago – 1991 Winners in the recent Pizza Village Halloween Coloring Contest include Casey Lockett and Jessica Kubasik, both of Dunkirk. Both winners received a pizza party for themselves and a group of their friends. Pizza Village is located at 71 Lake Shore Drive West. The ...

WEATHER Winds troubling, not disastrous


What Western New Yorkers dealt with over the weekend was not easy. Winds in excess of 60 mph put a strain on many while wreaking havoc on significant portions of Dunkirk and Fredonia. Trucks were overturned. Electricity was out. Trees came down. Homes were damaged. Overall, however, ...

It’s too late to impeach Cuomo


Let’s take a stroll down Memory Lane. Three times in February 2021, this column explained why the U.S. Constitution doesn’t permit impeaching, or having an impeachment trial of, a federal official who has left office. This isn’t complicated. In the United States, when government seeks ...

Left has an advantage with higher learning


The left has a chokehold on universities. This will shape the America for years to come. Americans are roughly evenly split between liberals and conservatives. Here I use party affiliation as evidence of political orientation. The Pew Research Foundation found that the ratio of Democrats to ...