Gambling gets pass as weed draws worry

Editor's corner

Understanding why the Sheridan Town Board and other area municipalities voted to opt out of dispensaries and on-site consumption of cannabis is far from trivial. Rural portions of New York state, by and large, are conservative in their views — and see the marijuana issue as something filled ...

AGRICULTURE Farms rightly fear overtime change


Gov. Kathy Hochul hasn’t yet signed a wage board’s recommendation to decrease the number of hours for farm workers to qualify for overtime to 40 per week. We have written several times that this is a bad time to decrease the overtime threshold. Many guest workers testified they would ...

Feeling powerless over energy plans


I must have spent far too much time following the run up to the war in the Ukraine because until recently I was almost completely unaware of the state Climate Action Council. But after reading the story about the Council in the March 5 edition of the OBSERVER it is readily apparent that just ...

DUNKIRK: Change of venue rings true in city


There appears to be a new tradition when it comes to graduation at Dunkirk High School. Before 2020, ceremonies would take place at King Concert Hall at the State University of New York at Fredonia. Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there was a move to the outdoors. According to a recent ...

Irish have contributed much to U.S.


The contributions of Irish-Americans to our literary, musical, artistic, religious and philosophical heritage have been voluminous and significant. They have also made countless contributions to our everyday quality of life. For example, fourth and fifth generation members of our urban fire ...



Thirty years ago — 1992 The search for a Stockton fugitive took a new twist when a man fitting his description disappeared into a wooded area of Ripley after failing to stop a pursuing State Police car by ramming it at high speed. While over two dozen officers cordoned off the area and ...