Taking stock in movie suggestions


With the stock market in the tank, with gasoline prices rising into the stratosphere or at least the upper troposphere, and with inflation robbing me of a diet based on red meat and forcing me on to one based on 20% lean hamburger I have decided to write on a subject I enjoy; the movies. I ...

A fish out of water


Recently, I read that nine out of 10 living species on our planet are in the ocean. That amazed me, until I started thinking about more than fish – all the living coral and shells, and the sheer enormity of the deep waters food chain. And then I remembered just how big the Pacific is. If ...



Thirty years ago — 1992 Student of the Week is Robert E. Lewis Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lewis Sr. of 108 South Gale St., Westfield. A senior at Westfield Academy and Central School, Robert is an honor student majoring in French and business. He is a member of the National Honor ...

FOREST Important purchase preserves a gem


A ceremony that took place right before the Memorial Day holiday marks an effort to preserve history and nature. At that May 27 event, the Western New York Land Conservancy took over most of the College Lodge’s forest at a ceremony. As part of the deal, the State University of New York at ...

People’s column: Status quo is not stopping shootings

Peoples column

Editor, OBSERVER: Common sense, of which very little exists or is used, says no one except the military or police need body armor or assault weapons. For there to be any discussion of raising the age from 18 to 21 to purchase such is ridiculous and totally unnecessary. Ban them! Prosecute ...

People’s column: Hospital closing would be a dagger

Peoples column

Editor, OBSERVER: The time for the discussion of where the location for the new hospital will be has passed some time ago and that decision has been made. Studies were performed and public input was considered and all necessary approvals were received including the approval of state ...