Virus cannot be a partisan matter


The OBSERVER had two stories that flashed across my screen recently; 1. The number of deaths from COVID was up as was the number of infections in Chautauqua County and 2. The Republicans in the County Legislature blocked an attempt to introduce “best practices” lifestyles in the county. ...

In county battle with COVID, divided we fall


Remember that unwritten social contract that binds a community and protects the common good? Remember how when disaster strikes, neighbors; even folks all across the country; rally to help each other? What happened? How is wearing a mask in a public place such a hardship that it can’t be ...



Thirty years ago — 1992 Kimberly Stankey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Randy Stankey of Eldridge Hill Road, Conewango Valley and a senior at Pine Valley Central School, has been chosen Student of the Week. An outstanding athlete, Kim has won many awards for high school basketball and also ...

County IDA’s work changing the narrative

Editor's corner

Almost four years ago, Chautauqua County began a transformation of sorts when it came to how elected officials viewed development. It began shortly after the election of George Borrello, a longtime successful businessman, as executive. Under his short tenure — he became state senator in the ...

TRANSPORTATION: Paving way for more trucking


An apprenticeship program being development by the federal government and industry leaders could help relieve supply-chain backlogs. The program, detailed by an Associated Press article, would allow 18-, 19- and 20-year-old truck drivers to cross state lines. The program has a number of ...

Snow machine remains in full force


Welcome to February. The arrival of this month should mean the harshest part of winter is behind us. But did you think the lake-effect snow machine would be off by now? Look out the window. You might want to think again. Do you remember those unseasonably warm days in ...