Peoples Column

Mitrano will help

save health care


Republicans in Congress, including Tom Reed, want to undo each and every protection of the Affordable Care Act. Reed voted to eliminate protections for pre-existing conditions, allow an age tax on older citizens, and permit annual and lifetime caps. He voted to do this over 60 times.

With the arrival of the election season, Republicans now say they support coverage for pre-existing conditions. It is important to look at what they are doing — not what they are saying. Right now 20 Republican state Attorney Generals are trying to eliminate this guarantee.

If Republicans are successful in the courts or Congress, insurance companies can deny coverage to anyone with pre-existing conditions or impose an unaffordable rate. Protections will be threatened for all, including enrollees in Medicare and employer-sponsored plans. Reed supports these ‘short term junk plans’ which offer inadequate coverage and bypass consumer protections.

If these threats to quality health care concern you, vote for Tracy Mitrano. Mitrano supports access to affordable, comprehensive health care that includes coverage for pre-existing conditions.