People’s Column

History series is appreciated


On behalf of the 1891 Fredonia Opera House, I want to extend our sincerest appreciation to all those who attended or were involved in the planning and presenting of our Chautauqua County History Lecture Series.

The Series began in May and continued with a different lecture each month, until the culmination of the Series on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, which featured a special Armistice Day program highlighting World War I and its Chautauqua County connections.

A special thank you to town of Pomfret Historian Todd Langworthy and Chautauqua County Historian Michelle Henry, who both organized and spoke during the series. We also are grateful to the various town and village historians and individuals who gave of their time, energy and talents by speaking throughout the seven programs:

¯ Pam Brown, Village of Panama/Town of Harmony.

¯ Barb Cessna, Town of Carroll.

¯ Cherie Clark, Ellery/Bemus Point.

¯ Sharon Howe Sweeting, Town of Cherry Creek.

¯ Traci Langworthy, JCC Associate Professor of History.

¯ Scott Lewellyn, grandson of World War I Veteran Clarence Rhebergen.

¯ Mary Norcross, Town of Mina.

¯ Jaime Rocque, Village of Silver Creek.

¯ Jason Sample, Chautauqua County Historical Society Trustee.

¯ John Sipos, Village of Cassadaga/Town of Stockton.

¯ Devon Taylor, Town of Chautauqua/Village of Mayville.

¯ Barb Wise, Town of Villenova.

Finally, of course, we appreciate all those who came to hear these speakers and who supported the Opera House through their admission donations. We are fortunate to operate in a community that not only is caring and supportive, but one that recognizes and values its history as well!


executive director,

1891 Fredonia Opera House

Too many lives are being lost


How much longer are we going to re-arrange the rubble in Afghanistan and Iraq? A great American family now mourns the death of Brent Taylor, a husband, and father to seven beautiful children who gave his life in Afghanistan.

For what? Our “national security”? So democracy can reign in this dreadful part of the world? So we can root out terrorist camps? None of the above.

We have the most powerful military in world history, and we allow ourselves to be tied up for 17 years because we fight wars on our enemies’ terms, just as we did in Korea and Vietnam.

What a disgrace! Now is the time to bring back every American soldier (and “adviser”) from these two countries — and let every member of Congress know we won’t stand for this garbage any longer.

Hundreds of billions of dollars and, more importantly, American lives are way too precious to waste trying to influence foreign countries to behave the way we think they should.


former Gowanda resident,