People’s column

Ill decision on hospital


Why would Brooks Memorial Hospital pick a location in Fredonia on Route 20 in close proximity to the high school, a possible roundabout and all that traffic from Route 60? How will they repurpose its Central Avenue hospital?

Behind the scenes, the Fredonia mayor had a lot to do in talking Chris Lanski, Brooks board chair, to put the hospital in that location — the wrong location. What they should do is put the $67 million of taxpayers’ money for improving the Brooks Hospital in Dunkirk.

The Fredonia mayor said she is mortified about how small hospitals around the state are closing. She says Brooks locating in the village will keep access to health care for 30,000 people. She also says the facility coming to the village is a big factor, but the hospital does not pay taxes.

The mayor recently criticized Trustee Doug Essek for taking part in a protest against moving Brooks from its current location in Dunkirk.

That’s his business. You, mayor, have your opinions and Essek has his opinion. When people I’ve talked to call you an almighty ruler, they are correct. I’ve been here all my life.

I know what I’m talking about. The traffic is unbearable already on Routes 20 and 60.

I know this letter will be no good because you can’t fight Village Hall, especially when you’ve got three trustees who loyally follow the mayor. The other two trustees don’t have a chance.

Many will find the relocating of the hospital is a big, big mistake. Remember, taxpayers, vote for Doug Essek. He is for the people of the village.



Truth matters in decisions


The bar has been lowered so far that the difference between truth and lies has been blurred. It is time for us to start listening and questioning the truthfulness of the information.

Facts and truth matter. Saying a lie multiple times does not make it true but stating the truth once remains the truth. We can no longer accept not know the difference.

We can no longer become numb to seeking out the truth. We each need to do the research to get to the truth. We need to evaluate the situation(s) according to the truth.

This is a core value necessary in a democracy.