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Food trucks take bite out of eateries


I listened to the Fredonia Village Board meeting of May 20. I listen to basically every one. My recollection of the food truck topic was that the approximate cost to the village was about $300 for fees, permits and other related expenses. I don’t know, because it wasn’t spelled out, if it was for all trucks participating for one event or for all events. It was never was clarified even though it was part of a discussion on what to charge these food trucks.

The assumption that food trucks will bring in more people and promote the expansion of our local businesses in our area as a great place to do business, is puzzling to me. All other aspects combined, suggest otherwise, like high taxes, water and sewer rates, etc., the condition of our streets and parking lots, the deterioration of our fire hall, and other issues.

Also, regarding just the Farm Festival, which certainly brings in a lot of people over three days, I believe there are already enough food choices — all the food vendors in east Barker Commons as well as the brick and mortar restaurants area in a two-block radius.

It seems like our mayor and her three cohorts are intent on ignoring our local brick and mortar eateries in favor of out of towners who do not contribute in any way except to themselves.

There is a huge backlash from these practices and not one of the policymakers involved has any interest in a local eatery so they are setting policies on an enterprise they know virtually nothing about.

This is not a city and our local college joins in providing food trucks, etc. right on campus, to keep graduates and their families, right on campus.

One other thing for those of you who do not realize the impact of food trucks on our 10,000 population, when a business had their anniversary celebration with food trucks in front of their buildings, guess what? They were parked, and our local eateries were, for the most part, pretty quiet. Just an example, and I am not criticizing them, as it was just a one-time event of celebration.



Students left right impression


A group of Silver Creek Central School students and some families went on a trip to Spain over the Easter vacation with Mr. Albert Vandette, who is the Spanish teacher at the school.

It was told to me that the students represented Silver Creek as ladies and gentlemen.

It was nice to know that our students knew enough to act like adults in a foreign country. Thanks to Mr. Vandette for planning such a nice trip to Spain for these students and some families.


Silver Creek


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