People’s Column

Food trucks have no appetite for taxes


This Village Board and mayor of Fredonia are very wrong in approving a short term $50 food truck license. Fifty bucks is quite a deal for out-of-towners who pay no taxes, no insurance, no health permits (of $250), no property maintenance, in a small village.

If any one of you trustees or mayor had a restaurant here, you would never go for food trucks. But none of you have one, so what do you care of the restaurant people? We are not in metro Buffalo, where they have a population of 1 million people.

These trucks take away from the restaurants in the village. When the phone company had food trucks for their anniversary, the village restaurants were dead. They even put picnic tables by the gazebo so they can sit and eat. We have approximately 15 eating places in a two-block area in this Village and in the winter time we are slow. Now in the summer time when we depend on doing business because of the Festival Italia, the Fredonia Farm Festival, the Red, White and Blues etc., etc., which used to give us a huge volume shot in the arm, you trustees and mayor are taking this away because you want food trucks.

Why? I don’t understand with all these restaurants in our two-block area. No other mayor or trustees ever did this to our restaurants. Only you elected officials.

I’d like to know the person who started this food trucks for Fredonia. You people don’t care about businesses in Fredonia. I know you can’t fight city hall but I do hope that the taxpayers who vote, do not vote for you. You people play politics and do not play for the taxpayers.

By the way, when you say $50 for the permit, the food trucks can sell 100 lunches add 50 cents to the food and it costs them nothing. How sweet it is! How nice for the village to do this for out-of-town merchants.