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Reed inconsistent with bullies


Congressman Reed’s criticism of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision not to repair the Thruway is well-warranted.

On the other hand, it leads one to question where the congressman has been the last few years, given the sycophantic nature of his support for President Donald Trump. Standing up to a bully who puts innocent people in harm’s way, doing so for political expediency, all the while abusing power, is right out of Trump’s playbook. Apparently, Congressman Reed isn’t aware of this, or doesn’t care about the facetiousness of his remarks.

When will Congressman Reed “stand up” to President Trump? (Don’t hold your breath!)



Don’t fault Trump on trade war


In the OBSERVER of Sunday, Aug. 18, Thomas A. Regelski said, “… the trade war started by Mr. Trump” and “… Trump initiated the trade war.” Mr. Regelski, in making those statements, is wrong, wrong, wrong.

The trade war between China and the United States was declared by China on the day that President Nixon accepted the invitation to visit China. The Chinese — ably aided and abetted by American businessmen, bankers and politicians — have been absolutely unrelenting and implacable in the pursuit of their goals since that time.


South Dayton

Beach volunteers are appreciated


It is never too late to say thank you. Here is a list of registered participants who helped on July 27 with the Dunkirk Beach Cleanup. These residents came from the city, Fredonia, Brocton, Cassadaga and Gowanda.

They include: Frank Beach, Sandra Barras, Cassandra Pinkoski, Leo Alfaro, Miriam Lugo-Alfaro, Christine Pinkoski, Chas Graves, Don Falkner, Donna Karcz, Jody Falkner, Judy Hollander, Allen Hollander, Mary Rees, Stephen Rees, Patti Clark, Virginia Titus, Richard Titus,

Karen Shepherd, Trevor Hitchcock, Karen Hitchcock, Charmaine Moreland, Natalie Luczkowiak, Cynthia Smith, Riley Smith, Denise Hayes, Cody Felt, Amy Hall, Sean Hall, Laura Geraci, Tim Mutch, Andrew Valentin, Yarimar Morales, Jim Bickhart, Roger Heyden, Jane Gens, Jason Schmidt, Cheryl Gawronski, Virginia Harper, Katrina Harper, Susan McGee, Cooper McGee, Allen McGee, Pat Krenzer, Julie Tedone.

George Tedone, Shelby Munson, Britney Campbell , Sabella Kurek, Brian ORourke, Lisa Forbes, Ned Divine, Phil Collier, Tammy Santaliz, Miranda Zagorski, Patrice Rolling, Michael Briggs, Allan Briggs, Joshua Briggs, Dominic Hitchcock, Alainna Leckliter, Gavin Leckliter, Haleigh Leckliter, Susan Royal, Mercedes Green, Dahmanic Parsell, Ken Mackowiak, Adam Dolce, Laurie Dolce, Zach Dolce, Garret Dolce, Nick LaDue, Corey LaDue, Joanna LaDue, Mady LaDue.

City officials: Mayor Wilfred Rosas and wife, Rosita; Marty Bamonto, Second Ward Councilman and Mike Civiletto, Fourth Ward Councilman.

City employees: Lee Woodard and Brett Westling

Sponsors: G&E Tents, Bob and Tammy Bankoski; Shaun Heenan of The Catering Company with supplies, tools, fruit and cookies; Beach, Sahlen hot dogs, buns, condiments, water, organizational help; Home Depot with supplies and tools and John Dolce of Wright Park Lakeside Grill.




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