Coverage, cartoon draws ire in village

The People's Column

Coverage, cartoon draws ire in village


I was appalled to see the political “cartoon” on Page A4 of the Oct. 7 edition of the OBSERVER.

Political cartoons are plentiful, but I have seen few designed to incite violence such as this one. Your portrayal of both Mayor Athanasia Landis and Samuel Drayo was completely out of line.

Yes, there is contention at the Fredonia Village Board meetings. Yes, Mr. Drayo has brought up items to be considered. For years Mr. Drayo served as Fredonia Village attorney and is thoroughly versed in the village charter and the needs of the village. His communications are non-threatening, as is his presentation and demeanor.

I was present at the Sept. 9 meeting to witness this. The mayor and some of the board were not interested in listening to concerned village taxpayers. In some cases, the mayor was rude to the few who spoke. Mayor Landis allowed no questions, saying there would be time at the end of the meeting to ask questions. This did not occur, as the meeting was adjourned abruptly.

Present at the meeting were a few Fredonia High School students who attended at the behest of their government teacher. What impression did these students receive?

In the Oct. 8 edition of the OBSERVER, the report of last evening’s village board meeting stated that “former village attorney, who attacked the Landis administration on multiple fronts at the last few board meetings, was not at Monday’s session.”

As stated, I have seen no attacks — just a feeling of myself, another village taxpayer, threatened by those who run the village.