Unhappy trails while snowmobiling


Recently my two girlfriends and I set out for an afternoon cross county ski on a trail shared with cross country skiers, hikers, and snowmobilers.

The snow conditions were good and the trail was well groomed and very wide. As the trails were busy with snowmobilers, we stayed to the right occupying one third of the trail.

During our ski we encountered many snowmobilers who were courteous, slowed down, formed a single line and waved as they passed us. However, there was one group of about 10 snowmobilers whose actions were deplorable.

This group came up behind us riding side by side and intentionally drove within inches of us as they passed.

One driver leaned over extended his arm and struck my friend hard on her back side causing her to lose her balance.

We were stunned, and could hardly believe what had just happened as this offending snowmobile group continued driving off in a cloud of snow.

This incident unfolded so fast we were not able to take any photos nor could we ever identify the perpetrator due to helmets and bulky snow suits. Unfortunately, the man who assaulted my 70-year-old friend will never be held accountable. In the end, my friend was able to catch herself from falling and did not sustain serious injury.




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