Vaccinations on slow pace


I was astounded to see that only 300 doses of the COVID vaccine are delivered per week lately and that about 11,500 have received the first shot. After deducting the former and those under 16 that leaves about 89,000 to receive their first shot. Absent a significant increase in doses received that means that in Chautauqua County we’ll be at this for about the next 5 1/2 years.

I am curious as to the formula New York state uses to apportion dose delivery as there seems to be a question of equity.

There are other questions, also, regarding the Chinese fire drill to get appointments.

By the way, I see that Tops lists Pennsylvania COVID vaccination sites so out of curiosity this morning I checked them out. Three sites were listed, two in Erie and one in Warren, at least, one of these sites had appointments available for this week — I imagine a New York driver’s license won’t help as ID in Pennsylvania. In New York the only site I found that had appointments available was Potsdam.

Here’s to herd immunity, may it come soon.


former Fredonia resident,

Alexandria, Va.


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