Country’s values are being lost


The far left wants everyone to become reliant on government dependency.

Why would people want to work, when they can sit home and collect more money than if they went to work? Right now, Refresco, the steel plant, and Wells Enterprise can’t find people to go to work. The Democrats continue to play the sympathy card. The reason behind this is because they have nothing else to rely on.

Since Joe Biden took office and signed all those executive orders, our country has gone downhill like a snowball headed for hell. He’s created a crisis at the border like we’ve never seen before. The illegals crossing the border are not from just Mexico and the Honduras, they’re from 141 different countries. We’re spending millions to put them up in hotel rooms. Hundreds of these immigrants have tested positive for COVID-19, and also infected our border agents. These immigrants are not being fingerprinted, or have they had any background checks. They’re given airline tickets and flown all over the United States. The teachers’ union in California refuse to let students back in classrooms, but are willing to teach illegals one on one. What’s wrong with this picture?

Every time Gov. Andrew Cuomo has another accuser come forward, it seems like he allows us a few more freedoms to help distract us from his indiscretions.

The $19 trillion COVID relief was a farce. Only 9 percent goes for COVID, the rest was all pork barrel projects. Ocasio Cortez wants another $10 trillion for infrastructure projects. I’d like to know where all this money is supposed to come from?

Even Major League Baseball, Coca Cola and Delta Airlines are into the cancel culture, because Georgia has passed a bill to create an honest system for voting. Mail out ballots go only to people who request them, no drop off boxes, and you must provide identification to cast your ballot. I don’t see anything wrong with this. We have to show proof to get on a plane, get a driver’s license, to buy liquor or cigarettes. Everyone living in our country should have some form of I.D.

I feel sorry for our grandchildren, whom must survive through all of this. I pray the good Lord can see us through this administration, and bring some form of normalcy in the future.

God bless the United States of America.




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