New Bills’ stadium labor deal beneficial


The Project Labor Agreement for the new Buffalo Bills stadium is good for the taxpayers of New York state.

The $1.4 billion construction plan that will include a Project Labor Agreement guarantees highly skilled union trained workers will only be hired with a promise that the best construction practices will be carried out to ensure a high-quality stadium build. Further, the yet to be signed agreement promises a timely supply of workers and a no strike guarantee.

The cost of the stadium will be the same with non-union workers, who will likely be trained and capable to do the work, or the Project Labor Agreement absolutely promises fully trained union workers.

Note that due to prevailing wage laws already on the books in New York state, all workers would be paid union comparable wages on the stadium build with or without an agreement. This is as it should be, as the majority of New Yorkers want all workers in the state to earn a family sustaining wage.

Congratulations Gov. Kath Hochul on her successful negotiation to get a new stadium and a guarantee of our Buffalo Bills in Orchard Park for the next 30 years.




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