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The Empire State Passengers Association is in agreement with the Editor’s corner “County’s airport dreams discount reality,” (April 28) noting the lost opportunities from Chautauqua County spending $1 million annually on two small airports.

While opinions may differ on what public use to reallocate the funds to, our statewide passenger rail advocacy organization supports additional passenger train frequencies in the Lakeshore corridor along with a future passenger stop in Chautauqua County. Our association is working with a variety of groups in the corridor to advance additional train frequencies. A link to that information is at hsrail.org

We need the support of State Sen. George Borrello and Assemblymember Andrew Goodell in pressing New York State DOT to support Amtrak’s plan for a day train between Cleveland and New York City and other passenger rail improvements for Western New York in the recently released Service Development Plan for the Empire Corridor. Federal money is there to support this if the state steps up.


executive director,

Empire State Passengers Association

Teaching is job,

way of life


Teacher Appreciation Week is Monday to May 12.

Let us look at education from the teacher-student view. Education comes in many forms. It can be from a parent, sibling, friend, anyone. The learning can come by example, instruction, or quite by accident.

We love to see the smile on our students’ faces as they accomplish skills. We see their skills improve by hands-on learning, practice, encouragement and increasing confidence. A look from the cafeteria adult, bus driver, secretary, assistant, custodian, and even another student can be a very positive experience.

A smile from the teacher at the door as the student enters the room. A word of encouragement to the class or individual. A one-on-one talk after class. Listen, understand, reassure, and be compassionate.

Listen to students and respond to what they need.

This is what you as educators do and will continue to do. Education is happening all the time. Teaching happens all the time.

As retired teachers, we applaud all of you!


Western Zone Retired Teachers’ Association President


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