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GOP cowardly when it comes to Trump


Election 2024 is looking more and more critical as charges pile up against Donald Trump and Joe Biden continues to falter. Isn’t it time for Republicans to finally grow a backbone and break from Trump? Or should they hang close to ensure their precious re-election? Wouldn’t it be great if we could remove re-election from the equation … one 5-year term for every office in the land? And add a recall provision.

For too long politicians have resembled hogs with two snouts feeding at the public trough.

Maybe this time around both parties can come up with a moderate candidate less than 65 years old with the toughness and stamina required for the job.

Let’s rearrange our priorities by drastically reducing foreign aid and putting a very tight lid on immigration. Free up hundreds of $billions by closing at least one third of our 750 military bases, ordering fewer B-2 Spirit bombers at $2 billion each, and ordering fewer F-35 jets averaging $110 million each (this project was 10 years late with a cost overrun of 165 billion). All this without sacrificing one ounce of our national security.

As a republic we’re at 247 years — what we do in the next few years will determine how many more years get added to that total.


former Gowanda resident,



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