People’s column: No tax hike for Brocton is flawed


Beware of a zero tax increase on our school taxes. The only reason this is happening is the administration for Brocton Central School was found by the state comptroller to be several hundred thousand dollars over the allowed limit on the fund balance.

When I questioned this, the board president immediately blamed COVID. Maybe I am tired of hearing about COVID being the fault.

There are several things to consider here: all costs will rise — employee insurance, retirement, and wages. Do not forget about utilities and supplies.

The other consideration is the people who were hired with the ARPA monies, that money is expiring.They may have been hired out of necessity but now where is that money going to come from? Last year we were hit with a 1.4% increase, this year zero.

Roughly 15 years ago there was a zero percent increase, the following year there was almost a 14% increase. I will not vote for a 0% tax, it will come back in the future to bite us as taxpayers. I would favor a 0.5% increase.

Of course there is probably more to the fund balance than we’ll be told, that will only last so long with this administration.




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