Twenty years ago — 1998

The debate on a casino for the city of Dunkirk continues. Mayor Robert Kesicki is a casino advocate, citing economic benefits and prosperity for the community. Those opposed cite crime, gambling addiction and quality of life concerns. Earlier this decade, John J. Ginley, a former owner of the Sheraton Four Points Hotel, expressed interest in building a casino on the waterfront. However, former mayor Margaret Wuerstle voiced strong opposition to the proposal. Ms. Wuerstle had previously lived and worked in Atlantic City, N.J., which gave her the opportunity to witness the casino trade first hand. Her impressions were less than favorable.

Thirty years ago — 1988

International Branded Apparel (formerly M. Wile) became the first local company to dip its toes into the pool of potential child care programs and packages that can be offered by businesses when it announced that it will be introducing a new child care support benefit package for employees with small children. IBA will offer to all its employees with children between the ages of eight weeks and 5 years, a subsidy at the two licensed Dunkirk day care providers, starting immediately.

Forty years ago — 1978

Dunkirk’s first group home for the mentally retarded opened Oct. 16 at 529 Washington Ave. This is the sixth such home in the county — Jamestown has four and Westfield has one. Purchased in February 1975 by the state and only recently turned over to the County ARC, the former Robert J. Dew residence has been completed, renovated and furnished. The group home is a family home and the 12 clients will live as a family. House managers will staff the home around the clock.

Fifty years ago –1968

The more you look at it, the more 1968 could be Cardinal Mindszenty’s year in Catholic League football. The Monarchs are tied for the Smith Division lead with a 4-0 record and are only one game away from the league championship. The team’s coach is Bob Muscato and tri-captains are Dan Wolfe, Carl Nasca and Tom Palcic.