Twenty years ago — 1999

Dunkirk resident Erik J. Kolodziej recently returned home after a 27-day international concert tour as a member of the Chamber Singers of Duquesne University, Pittsburgh. Erik, who sings tenor II, is an honor student who will be entering his sophomore year this fall. The Chamber Singers had the distinction of performing in some of the most beautiful churches in Europe, including St. Luke’s in London, St. Severin and the American Cathedral in Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral in Chartres and the Cathedral of Barcelona.

Thirty years ago — 1989

From Just Between Us ….. The following have been selected as Outstanding Young Women of America for 1988 and will have their biographies appear in the annual awards publication, “Outstanding Young Women of America”: Brenda K. Benton, 69 South Main St., Cassadaga; Wendy J. Woodbury Straight, 3231 Cable Road, Fredonia; Karen Spencer Ford of Dunkirk; Paula J. Testrake, 200 Academy St., Westfield; and Denise L. Gernatt, R.D. 1, Gowanda.

Forty years ago — 1979

Fredonia Mayor Louis Mancuso was presented with a certificate honoring the official entry of the Fredonia Common Historic District in the National Register of Historic Places during a recent village board meeting. A survey of 74 buildings in downtown Fredonia was conducted that ultimately led to 22 buildings surrounding Barker Common, the historic center of the village, being officially entered in the national register.

Fifty years ago — 1969

David K. Earle of Forestville is retiring from the Silver Creek Central School System after a career of teaching and other educational activities that have extended over a period of 37 years. He graduated from Forestville Training Class in 1932. He then taught in Smith’s Mills for three years before graduating from Fredonia Normal School in 1937. During the war years, Mr. Earle was employed as a general contractor.