Twenty years ago — 1999

A consortium of four schools — Brocton, Westfield, Ripley and Panama Central schools — has been awarded a $113,000 Goals 2000 Technology grant by the federal government. The grant money is being used to provide modular technology units that will circulate among the four schools. The material is geared toward middle school students with exposure also provided to high school students in elective courses.

Thirty years ago — 1989

At ceremonies held recently in Des Moines, Iowa, Kevin Parker, a Dunkirk native who currently resides in Indianola, Iowa, was sworn in as Warren County attorney. Assistant county attorney for the past six years, Mr. Parker is an alumnus of Dunkirk High School, Gannon College and Drake University. He is the son of Mrs. Ursula Parker of Dunkirk, on whose birthday he was sworn into office and the late Raymond Parker.

Forty years ago — 1979

As expected, there will be a primary contest in the Democratic Party for the nomination to represent the party as mayoral candidate in November. Both Diane Trezenski and Gary Michalak have filed petitions in Mayville with the Board of Elections. Mrs. Trezenski was endorsed by the Democrats at their June 25 meeting by a slim margin over 2nd Ward Councilman Thomas Tofil.

Fifty years ago — 1969

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy said he must decide whether “the innuendo, the whispers and my admission of guilt” in a fatal car accident will bring his immediate political career to an end. The 37-year-old Democrat admitted his leaving the scene of an accident that took the life of Miss Mary Jo Kopechne, 28, was “indefensible.” He strongly denied there was a private relationship between the two or that he was driving under the influence of liquor.