SUNDAY SHOUTOUT: Those essential are exemplary

Brooks Hospital employees were greeted with applause by the Dunkirk Fire and Police departments. Submitted Photo.

Health-care professionals on Thursday received their due from Dunkirk police and firefighters at Brooks Memorial Hospital and the Chautauqua Center. It was a heart-warming appreciation to those who are truly on the front lines battling and assisting those affected with COVID-19.

Somehow, we also need to rally around the retail sector. The cashiers, those stocking shelves and the drivers who are delivering food and supplies. They are on the front lines as well as essential workers.

Christine Schuyler, Chautauqua County health director, made an interesting remark during the briefing last week. Only one person per family needs to be inside a grocery store at a time.

Going out, for the time being, must not be a social hour.


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