Arkwright: A stunning cut, for now

What happened in Arkwright last week was not business as usual. Town Board members, in approving the 2018 budget, slashed the salary of its town highway superintendent by 44 percent — from $53,770 to $30,000.

Not everyone agreed with the wage cut, specifically Town Board member Roger Cardot. “I am just going to say that I think that the pay is too low for that position with the responsibility that are with that job,” said Cardot, who had run for the position earlier this month.

For now, Arkwright has someone in that role in James Ziemba. When he decides he no longer wants the post, that price may have to increase since those workers who are being supervised in the department are earning more than their boss.

Government, which often hands out pay raises to its workers with little resistance, went a different direction this time with a management position. In the long term, it’s probably only temporary.