Westfield church to host yard sale

The Mission/Outreach Committee of the First Presbyterian Church of Westfield will host a yard sale at the home of Marjory Fritz at 48 Elm St., Westfield. The event will take place the weekend of July 27 and 28. Hours for the sale are 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. This is the same weekend as the Westfield Arts & Crafts Show and 48 Elm St. is right across the street from Moore Park.

All funds raised will be used for on-going mission causes throughout the year. One very special project this committee supports is paying the tuition for a nursing student in Haiti. The current student, Samara Thelemaque, is a third year student at FSIL which is the Faculty of Nursing Science of the Episcopal University of Haiti located in Leogane. This school was dedicated in January 2005 and is the only 4 year baccalaureate nursing program in Haiti.

Samara is an orphan whose Godfather helped her achieve secondary education but was unable financially to provide college tuition. Thanks to First Presbyterian Church, she has a full scholarship through the Medical Benevolence Foundation. Her favorite classes are in OB-GYN because so many women die during childbirth. She hopes to one day become a midwife, but first work in community health promotion and disease prevention.

Buckhorn Children and Family Services in Buckhorn, Kentucky is another cause supported by the Mission/Outreach Committee. This is a facility dedicated to housing and educating abused and neglected children that no one else will take. The committee also supports many local, national and disaster relief causes.

The sale features only nice, high-quality items. The committee hopes everyone will stop by and help to continue its mission projects. The committee’s motto is “Mission is the Heart of the Church.”