Opioids affecting too many at birth


As sadly noted in the May 12 OBSERVER’s View, “Use of drugs becomes alarming” during pregnancy, no baby child entering this world deserves such a terrible greeting. In addition to suffering with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, children exposed to substances in the womb face lifelong ...

Nation close to hitting a wall with debt ceiling


The value of gold and silver is fluctuating. The stock market is wavering. The Republicans are threatening to default on our debt. Why are they doing this? The time to demand changes in the budget is during negotiations, which was last year. This is money that was appropriated then. It was ...



Thirty years ago — 1993 The Brocton Village Board awarded Fire Equipment Sales and Services of Westfield a $189,189 contract for a custom pumper truck for the Brocton Fire Company. A lower bid was received, but it did not meet specifications. The old fire truck will be sold upon arrival of ...

HEALTH: Loneliness can lead to crisis


Back in 1966, the Beatles asked in “Eleanor Rigby” where all the lonely people came from and where they all belong. Fifty-seven years later, the question remains just as pertinent and, in the estimation of U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy, even more urgent. According to a report ...

First Amendment applies to all


ATLANTA — Two organizations — New Georgia Project, Inc. and New Georgia Project Action Fund, Inc. — have come to the fore in Georgia. Let’s call them NGP and NGPAF for short. Although they’re affiliated with each other, they’re separate legal entities. NGP is organized under ...

‘Toll-free’ expectation was all a fantasy

Editor's corner

Forty years ago, when the New York state Thruway was in its third decade of use, there was a belief among motorists that paying a toll to drive on Interstate 90 was temporary. At that time, U.S. Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan hailed an agreement by representatives of the Federal Highway Trust and ...