Use caution planning with Van Buren

Peoples column

Editor, OBSERVER: I was disheartened to read about potential changes in zoning near Van Buren (March 7). I realize that no firm decisions have been made but wanted to share my thoughts with the Pomfret Town Board and its supervisor while they consider options. Many at Van Buren Point (and ...

Quality care signals a healthy community


Most people can’t imagine living in a community where quality healthcare isn’t readily available. Yet few give much thought to what is required to create and maintain a quality health-care system — until it’s threatened. Quality health care is essential to personal well-being and our ...



Thirty years ago — 1992 A group of historians, preservationists and cemetery officials has asked the Chautauqua County Legislature to pass legislation which would protect historic gravestones from removal or damage by vandals and overzealous individuals and organizations. The request is the ...

SPENDING : Federal transit funds need scrutiny


The federal government recently allotted another $3.7 billion in assistance for public transit systems. This is in addition to billions of dollars earmarked for public transportation in the infrastructure bill, according to an Associated Press article. We can only hope that the money is ...

Time change needs public input


Now, let’s see. With the United States having shut down some sources of domestic oil, energy prices have skyrocketed. Inflation in the United States hasn’t been this high since four decades ago. America’s border with Mexico has become a sieve. Whatever one thinks of America’s ...



Thirty years ago — 1992 A “Do You Remember?” photo recalls “The Erie Railroad,” written and directed by Grace Abbey of Forestville and presented back in 1947 in the Forestville High School as a benefit for the March of Dimes. Brothers Clarence and Nelson Homan were in the cast of ...