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‘An overreaction’ on town rentals Editor, OBSERVER: I was saddened and disturbed to read your story on the August Dunkirk Town Board meeting. While I sympathize with concerns over short term rentals causing unwanted traffic, noise, and potential nuisances, it is hard for me to ...



Thirty years ago — 1992 A new program was started this summer in Sheridan where community residents take responsibility for cleaning up town roadways about four times a year. Sheridan Town Highway Superintendent Robert Wdowiasz noted there has been some interest by local residents who are ...

DUNKIRK: Board too tough on Lighthouse


Dunkirk’s Planning Board is being a bit too harsh when it comes to reviewing plans for a pavilion at the Dunkirk Lighthouse. At a meeting last month, the panel would not allow for the construction of the structure because as designed, the pavilion is basically a large, generic shed. “It ...

Under pressure, military stood strong


I don’t know about you, but I still vividly remember that day on Jan. 6, 2021 when the rabble, egged on by the then-President of the United States, marched triumphantly toward the U.S. Capitol. It felt strange and scary. Yet, I was still not prepared for the assault itself, the attack on ...



Thirty years ago — 1992 A change of plans is all that kept Arlene Schrantz DeJesus of Dunkirk, sons Bryan Tye and Dane Bradley, and their friend Eric Issler from being in the midst of Hurricane Andrew. They moved up their plans a week for a 10-day trip to Miami, South Miami Beach and the ...

NEW YORK STATE Discovery time line needs wiggle room


There was little doubt that New York’s pretrial discovery rules needed to be changed back in 2019. New York used to have some of the most restrictive discovery rules in the country, with prosecutors allowed to withhold information until scant days before a trial began. Such “blindfold ...