Thirty years ago — 1992 Chautauqua County Dist. Atty. John T. Ward Jr. said today he will try to put Ralph “Bucky” Phillips in prison for life as a persistent felony offender. Phillips had pleaded innocent to four felony marijuana sale and possession charges when arraigned before County ...

DUNKIRK No minimizing heroic actions


It was nearly a worst-case scenario. On Thursday morning, a bus driver with five students and an aide sensed something was wrong. She pulled over in an East Fourth Street parking lot and evacuated all riders. Within minutes, the bus was on fire. What could have been a unfortunate story ...

People’s column

Peoples column

Wrong words can lead to hurt Editor, OBSERVER: March 1 to March 31, is “Spread the Word to End the Word’ month. When someone says the “R” word to a person with disabilities, it hurts their feelings big time. Let’s stop using the words retard and retarded. This is what it’s all ...

Teen years can be full of troubles


Adolescents from 12 to 17 will exhibit a variety of behaviors, from tantrums, to verbal confrontation, defiance of rules and boundaries to many other irrational thoughts and behaviors. So, this is in answer to the mother’s question of “How do you tell what are ‘normal’ behaviors and ...

COUNTY: Fly car costs need closer look


Chautauqua County’s fly car system was originally pitched by consultants as a break-even proposition. We’re not sure, though, that even the consultants who studied the county’s emergency medical services issues thought there would be such high demand for the service throughout the ...