Learning while using caution

It is a return to school like no other — and some districts still are taking it slow.

In Dunkirk and Fredonia, the youngest of the children are beginning to learn in the buildings. Monday was opening day in the city.

“We have three different sites where they’re dropping off, site number one is for where they’re getting dropped off by car, site two is our front entrance and any student getting bussed will go there, then site 3 is by Seventh Street and those are our walkers,” School 3 Principal Angie Penhollow said. “We have people at each station hand sanitizing, temperature taking and handing out masks if they need them.”

Who would have believed one year ago today this is an environment for learning — and for staying safe? Teachers are on the front lines and a number of districts are being flexible in how they are operating.

Have there been concerns? Of course. We know of at least seven COVID-19 cases in our region that include the districts of Dunkirk, Cassadaga Valley and Gowanda.

That being said, everyone is doing their best to take precautions. And, most importantly, learning is taking place.


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